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sometimes I wish I was a different and better person.

this is all the fucking time.


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Hunger Games…. Oh the feels..

I have just watched the Hunger Games movie (first part) for the first time and I will say that by all means I do not want to watch the second part of it. But it was amazing. Movie was just simply magnificent. But my mind is jumbled up with so many different feelings right now…
Definetely, I sobbed my eyes out like I never did before on the movie, but I have a huge not understanding… Why does Hunger Games fandom exists? Why do people want to see something like this again? Why are they HAPPY when they hear about it? The whole movie was definetely worth 5 stars, but it is filled with so much pain, real pain even. I know that the whole story is fully fictional, but it is fully based on a real motif that exists in our world right now. I have only smiled at the end obviously because of happy ending but thinking back to it is not bringing any happiness to me whatsoever. So many innocent deaths, hate, will for survival for other people and themselves controlled by some people of higher ranks who technically just want entertainment… All this made me sob. Exactly that not just the plot twists themselves. And the victors became victors only because some people “up there” allowed them to, otherwise they would simply die because of no choice. Did I love the movie? Absolutely. Do I want to see and think about something like that again? Definitely not. I will never understand the crowd of screaming people in the fandom making it look like its some cute romantic story instead of deep, painful alternative reality. 
Other than that, amazing film. Genius book turned into a thrilling film that keeps you in tension and just grabs your soul. Well done. Truly well done. And shame on people who just dont get it…

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The living cube by Till Könneker

I moved into a apartment studio without storage room. So i made a minimalistic cube design with a shelf for my vinyl collection, my TV, Clothes and Shoes. On the cube is a guest bed and inside the cube is a lot of storage space. Remo from transferred my sketches very beautifully. My friend and Photographer Rob Lewis made this great photos.

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the essence of 葵

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Found this link for the Fadeless music video. For those (like me) who cannot watch the official video on YouTube. Why the region blocking?! 

VERY dissapointed with the region blocking. Very. But this is gorgeous *O* 


New, fresh site made by my good friend. Really, useful thing, we all needed it xD come on it deserves some love :3

God this blog has been forgotten… I will frikking bring it back alive. xD And my return is completed with this recent digital painting of Aoi of mine :33 More to go soon I suppose…
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God this blog has been forgotten… I will frikking bring it back alive. xD And my return is completed with this recent digital painting of Aoi of mine :33 More to go soon I suppose…

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6/9 pics of Kris // as requested by minfanys

This is a tribute to Kris’ glorious hair… I am planning a violent murder right now for whoever dared to chop this glory off.

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